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Ireland’s Maternal Death Rate – Depends on who you are asking.

From the AIMS Ireland blog, Ireland: No Country For Pregnant Women: In Today’s Irish Times, John Fitzgerald shares a piece on CSO statistics for Ireland called, ‘Vital Statistics’ sheds light on inequalities in life expectancy”. The articles… Read More

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A Year in Review of Irish Maternity Services – 2014 AIMS Ireland

AIMS Ireland look back over 2014 with this short video. Thank you to everyone who marched with us, shared our information, and supported us over the year.  We would especially like to thank our members and those who… Read More

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AIMS Ireland statement on the removal of somatic support to a woman with an unviable foetus of 18 weeks gestation

AIMS Ireland welcomes the High Court Judgement of the 26th December 2014 that somatic support be switched off for a woman who was declared clinically dead on December 3rd 2014. Our sympathies go out to her family and… Read More

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