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Breaking news AIMSI survey of nearly 3,000 women shows 1 in 4 women rated breastfeeding support as “poor” or “very poor”

One in four women rate the support they received for breastfeeding their baby after birth as “poor” or “very poor” October 5th 2015 For immediate release October 5th 2015 Contact Krysia Lynch 0877543751 Email: In a… Read More

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Breaking News: AIMSI s statement on Philomena Canning Case

Breaking News: AIMSI s statement on Philomena Canning Case. Press release from the Association for Improvements in the Maternity Services: Minister Leo Varadkar’s statement re Philomena Canning: The public need to have confidence in HSE investigations September 21st 2015 For immediate release September 21st… Read More

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Public Consultation on the Development of a National Maternity Strategy

There is one week remaining to you to fill out this survey on the direction you’d like to see our maternity services taking. Please take this opportunity to make your voices heard, and please share it where you… Read More

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