AIMS Ireland Statement (Sept 24th): Philomena Canning indemnity suspension

AIMS Ireland Statement (Sept 24, 2014) Philomena Canning

AIMS Ireland statement published to social media September 24, 2014

Philomena Canning #isupportphilomenacanning

AIMS Ireland is disappointed to learn that while grieving families struggle to get information from authorities about how their partners, mothers and children have died, the HSE has chosen to illegally pursue a midwife who has followed protocol and appropriate practice guidelines set out by the HSE themselves.

In the same week of the long campaigned for inquest of Dhara Kinlevan, we also learn that an independent midwife has had to seek an injunction against the HSE who have broken their contract with her without implementing their own due process.

Philomena Canning has been prevented from practicing following transferring a woman to hospital, whom was discharged 10 hours later. We note that the HSE are quick to close down the evidence based practices of independent midwives with no full inquiry yet rely on a cattle prod from the media to launch investigations into continued bad practice and questionable maternal deaths under obstetric care.

Minister Varadkar and the HSE need to take a long, hard, objective look at where their priorities are in maternity care. It is clearly not with women and babies.

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