Capacity pregnancy and consent: Disability and the 8th amendment

Our Aims Are Shared Maria NI Fhlatharta It’s a fact that everyone should know before they vote in May – it really is the crux of the debate –Is that people who are pregnant in Ireland are not able to… Read More

The 8th amendment : my life matters

Guest Blog by Lee Martin Manifesto: I believe my life is important – more important than that of another life that hasn’t been born yet – not equal to, MORE important. Now let me break this down for you,… Read More

Power and control in the Irish Maternity Services: AIMS Ireland

The National Maternity Move to St Vincent’s campus has exercised anyone who has an interest in a maternity service that is woman centred,  evidence based and free from religious ethos and bias. This move in its current agreed… Read More

How and Where your baby is born – Who gets to decide?

Today, a landmark case will be heard in the Four Courts in Dublin. Aja Teehan vs HSE is a High Court challenge against the HSE and the Department of Health seeking judicial review of the refusal to grant… Read More

The Power of Words: Birth Language and Self Advocacy

Read more at: When it comes to making decisions about how and where you want to birth your baby, the information can often be overwhelming. Words like ‘private’, ‘public’ and ‘semi-private’ take on an entirely new meaning…. Read More

10 Tips for Preparing for a Positive and Healthy Birth

Your experience of labour and birth should be just that — yours. Every birth is unique as each woman will approach childbirth in her own way. It is important that you have the information you need to decide… Read More

HSE Complaint Policy Statement

“The HSE welcomes comments, compliments and complaints from patients, service users, carers, visitors and the community about the services provided by the HSE. Any comment or complaint will be viewed as an opportunity to inform service provision to… Read More

Communication Tools: Birth Preferences for your Birth Plan

 Your needs in birth are as individual as you are. Your experience of labour and birth should be exactly that – YOURS. Every birth is unique and each woman will approach childbirth in her own way. It is… Read More

Birth Preferences Template

My Labour, Birth and Postpartum Preferences: Getting to know me and my family This form gives you a chance to describe your preferences, values and concerns for your labour, birth and postpartum experience to the people who will… Read More

Information vs Advice: A Guide to Self Advocacy

From the moment you discover you are pregnant you are surrounded by a litany of ‘experts’ all encouraging you in different directions. Where will you give birth? Who will attend you? Are you going public or private? Seeing… Read More