AIMSI Submission to JOC on Gender Equality

AIMS Ireland Submission to the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Gender Equality 4th March 2022 Dear Ms Sarah O’Farrell, On behalf of The Association for Improvements in the Maternity Systems Ireland (AIMSI), I would like to take this opportunity… Read More

End the maternity restrictions

AIMS Ireland have campaigned for evidenced based risk assessments to justify maternity care restrictions since they were first introduced in March 2020. We have been inundated with requests from maternity service users to advocate for the removal of… Read More

AIMS Ireland responds to Joe Duffy RTE Radio 1 Liveline birth stories

AIMS Ireland welcomes the attention given on The Joe Duffy RTE Radio 1 Show Liveline to users of the Irish Maternity Services who have experienced poor care. RTE was inundated last week with stories from women, some from… Read More

Why does #wearedelivering hurt?

by Sinéad O’Rourke   I found myself astonished yesterday as I watched an unfolding of defensiveness across the Irish maternity services following Jacky Jones’s opinion piece in Tuesday’s Irish Times.…/ireland-s-maternity-services-an… In Jacky’s piece, which was prompted by… Read More

AIMS Ireland Statement on the publication of Judge Maureen Harding-Clark’s report into the Surgical Symphysiotomy Ex Gratia Payment Scheme and media commentary on the same.

The Association for Improvements in the Maternity Services (AIMS) Ireland  is outraged at the suggestion that the survivors of symphysiotomy have exaggerated, or been in some way dishonest, in their claims in what has been a long and… Read More

B’s Birth Trauma story

In terms of my own experience, the birth if my first son was straight forward and I found myself walking on air afterwards, I expected that the birth of my second child would be the same. But it… Read More

Dispelling Myths: Birth Experience Doesn’t Matter (All that Matters is a Healthy Baby)

Dispelling Myths: Birth Experience Doesn’t Matter (All that Matters is a Healthy Baby) From the moment you get a positive pregnancy test, your mind begins racing. These early hours and days are spent trying to organise where you will… Read More

AIMS Ireland’s Professional Counselling, support, and complaints resource list

Sometimes, following the birth of a baby, women may need help to work through how they are feeling. They may be feeling anxious, over-whelmed, depressed, or perhaps they are trying to work through a difficult, scary, or traumatic birthing experience. There are many… Read More

Women speak out in their hundreds about their experiences in the Irish maternity system following Prime Time programme

AIMS Ireland repeats call for an immediate review of maternity services in Ireland and questions delay (Wednesday 5 February 2014) Following the broadcast last week of the Prime Time documentary on the deaths of four babies in Port… Read More