HSE Complaint Policy Statement

“The HSE welcomes comments, compliments and complaints from patients, service users, carers, visitors and the community about the services provided by the HSE. Any comment or complaint will be viewed as an opportunity to inform service provision to continuously improve the quality of the services that we provide and to learn lessons so as to prevent similar occurrences in the future.

Complaints, criticisms or suggestions, whether oral or written will be taken seriously, handled appropriately and sensitively. The essential elements of the HSE complaints system will be those that ensure:

  • coherent and comprehensive coverage;
  • consistent approach;
  • customer and service provider focus;
  • fairness and impartiality;
  • accessibility, flexibility and transparency;
  • a quality and safe service;
  • optimum leadership, culture and governance;
  • the provision of just remedies;
  • improvements in service as a result of learning from complaints from service users.

The HSE commits to safeguarding the rights and dignity of the service user and staff members in the implementation of this policy and associated supporting documents.”

Policy Statement:

1.0 Purpose

Read here – HSE Complaint Policy Statement : http://hse.ie/eng/services/publications/corporate/Your_Service,_Your_Say_Consumer_Affairs/Policies/Text_Feedback_Policy/Archive/Section_One.html

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