AIMS Ireland reiterates lifting maternity restrictions is not confined to the continued presence of “one support partner”.

Press Release 6th October 2021 AIMSI reiterate the important distinction that lifting maternity restrictions is not confined to the definition of “the unrestricted presence of one support partner”. AIMSI wrote to clarify this distinction prior to the recent… Read More

Communication failures and transparency issues heightens continuing maternity restrictions row says AIMS Ireland.

Press Release from AIMS Ireland – Maternity Care Restrictions  6th October 2021AIMS Ireland calls upon Minister of Health Stephen Donnelly to publish the risk assessments underpinning the continuing maternity care restrictions for partners in labour and during other parts… Read More

AIMS Ireland publishes PQs submitted to Minister of Health on 12th May 2021

In response to the continuing maternity restrictions, (despite a fully vaccinated health service and the opening up of every other aspect of society), AIMS Ireland submitted a series of PQs on May 12th to the Minister of Health… Read More