Covid Restrictions – Continuing effects Autumn 2020

Covid-19 Restrictions:

AIMS is receiving a large volume of communication from maternity service users regarding the COVID restrictions and how these are negatively impacting their experiences and wellbeing.

We have been raising these issues through various channels of policy makers, as well as on Social Media, over the last few months. 
AIMSI have created a support group for those affected by Covid-19 restrictions.  Please email to join.

AIMSI have many women reporting symptoms of trauma as a result of the restrictions. AIMSI are seeking clarification on issues highlighted by those in contact with our support services. These include:
*Partner support during labour, both early labour, active labour and induction.
*Partner support during postnatal period in hospital
*Partner parenting of babies in SCBU & NICU
*Partner support in EPU and scanning, especially for those who have experienced multiple pregnancy loss, appointments of diagnosis/care pathways
*Closure of birth pools and limitations placed on home waterbirths

If you are affected by any of these issues, AIMSI confidential support services are available at:

October 2020