Letter to Minister Harris

AIMS Ireland have received a large volume of enquiries regarding the current situation of the National Maternity Hospital and SVHG debacle. There has also been a huge outcry on various media platforms for the SVHG not to be given ownership of the new National Maternity Hospital.

We, in AIMSI, are very disappointed with the recent news that despite the outrage shown, and the voice of the public heard but not listened to, there are plans to forge ahead with the deal.

We have heard you, we respect you, we are absolutely continuing to oppose this endorsement!

In response to you, we have written a draft letter for each person to use to contact the Minister for Health, Simon Harris to express your dissatisfaction.


The contact details for Minister Simon Harris TD are as follows:

Department of Health

Hawkins House

Dublin 2

Tel: 01 635 4000

Email: ministersoffice@health.gov.ie

Please find document available for download:



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