Pregnancy Loss

Support Resources

If you are looking for support or information regarding pregnancy loss, you can contact your GP or support services at your local maternity unit.

You can also contact the Miscarriage Association of Ireland at Volunteers here are experienced in giving support and guidance to those bereaved by loss. You can contact them by email, letter or telephone. They also hold monthly support meetings.

Many women also find great support and advice on parenting discussion forums (see Links page) where they can talk to other women with similar experiences.


AIMS Ireland Survey Report on Pregnancy Loss and Maternity Services in Ireland

In 2008, AIMSI ran an online survey asking women to detail their experience of care around the time of a pregnancy loss: 106 women responded all of whom were self-selecting and anonymous. Access to the survey was via the AIMS Ireland website and also via links on a number of parenting websites and forum boards.

Read the report here:

AIMS Report on Pregnancy Loss and Maternity Services