Results – What Matters To You Survey 2014

“What Matters to YOU?” 2014 Report on Consent in the Irish Maternity System.

The Association for Improvements in the Maternity Services in Ireland (AIMS Ireland) March 2014

AIMS Ireland (Association for Improvements in the Maternity Services Ireland) is a voluntary organisation with charity status which was formed in 2007 by women who saw a need for a consumer driven organisation to support a woman’s human rights and her choices in childbirth, highlight healthy internationally recognised evidence based birth practices, and to provide support and information to women accessing maternity services in Ireland. It is a consumer led, campaign pressure group operating with a self-regulating committee elect and a body of members consisting of parents, consumers, health care professionals, and support group representatives throughout Ireland. AIMS Ireland was set up with the support of The Association for Improvements in the Maternity Services UK. AIMS UK has been at the forefront of improving maternity services the past 40 years.

In spring of 2014 AIMS Ireland ran an electronic survey on the topic of “What Matters to YOU?”. It was available through the AIMSI website (, AIMS Ireland social media, parenting pages,  and was also shared widely through social media channels (twitter and facebook groups), and Irish

The survey was self-selecting and open to anyone who wished to fill it in who had given birth in Ireland between 2010-214. Respondents who completed the survey were anonymous. It was voluntarily completed by 2, 836 women. The 100 question survey examined women’s experiences from their perspectives on a variety of issues relating to care options in Irish maternity services, ante-natal care, labour and birth, and postnatal care.
An independent analysis was compiled by statistical analyst Laura Conlon, whom is otherwise not involved with AIMS Ireland or maternity/birth related activism or business.
Due to the vast content and information obtained through the WMTY survey, AIMS Ireland will be releasing data over the next few months.

Basic Survey Statistics

Part 1: Women’s experiences of consent in the Irish Maternity System Released February 2nd 2015

Part 2: Women’s satisfaction ratings of the maternity services. Due for release soon

Part 3: Women’s experience of care options in the maternity services. Released 5th May 2015

Part 4: Women’s experiences of Labour and Birth Due for release soon

Part 5: Women’s experiences of Antenatal Services Due for release soon

Part 6: Women’s experiences of Postnatal Services Due for release soon

Part 7: Women’s experiences of initiating breastfeeding Released 5th October 2015