AIMS Ireland Charter

Women’s Information and Legal Support Charter

AIMS Ireland is a rights based organisation that gives information and support to those who contact us.

AIMS Ireland is not in a position to give legal advice.

AIMS Ireland can not give specific advice on an individual case. Individuals should their seek legal counsel from a solicitor on their specific case.

In legal actions, AIMS Ireland has the following policies:

  • Funding: individuals are responsible for all legal costs incurred in their individual case
  • Legal Contact: individuals are responsible for making their own legal arrangements
  • Media: AIMS Ireland will issue information relevant to the case and has a right to¬†publish evidence and information relevant to the case and insofar as it is possible, AIMS Ireland will collaborate with individuals to share relevant information and evidence with the media.

AIMS Ireland is not in a position to fund medical reports but the Board can make decisions on a case by case basis to offer conditional funding. This would be a donation as opposed to funding a legal action and it is not considered a contract.