National Maternity Strategy for Ireland – Implementation

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In January 2016 the National Maternity Strategy for Ireland 2016 – 2026 “Creating a better future together”,was launched by the then Minister of Health Leo Varadkar. The strategy promised far reaching changes for our maternity services, and not… Read More

AIMSIreland address the Oireachtas Joint Committee for Health on the National Maternity Strategy

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On the 16th OF February AIMSI Ireland were invited to make an oral submission to the Oireachtas Joint Committee for Health on the implementation of the National Maternity Strategy. AIMSI Chair Krysia Lynch and Vice Chair Breda Kearns… Read More

Breaking News: To celebrate the International day of the Midwife AIMS Ireland release survey results on women’s views of choices in maternity care from #WMTY2014

AIMSI celebrates the International Day of the Midwife by releasing the results of the Choices in Maternity Care Models and Maternity Care Providers. Results show that women in Ireland call for the Midwife! 55% of respondents said they… Read More

Breaking News: AIMS Ireland press release on survey results from nearly 3,000 women on issue of Satisfaction in Maternity Care #WMTY2014

Press release from the Association of Improvements in the Maternity Services Ireland (AIMS Ireland) For release on 14th April 2015 AIMS Ireland consumer survey shows core issues for Portlaoise and Portuncula are widespread Contact Krysia Lynch on 0877543751… Read More

Choices in Pregnancy and Birth in Ireland

Period late? Feeling tired? Sore breasts? Over emotional? These are all signs of pregnancy. Most mothers choose to further confirm such physical symptoms with a pregnancy test. Once you have a positive pregnancy test then a world of… Read More

How and Where your baby is born – Who gets to decide?

Today, a landmark case will be heard in the Four Courts in Dublin. Aja Teehan vs HSE is a High Court challenge against the HSE and the Department of Health seeking judicial review of the refusal to grant… Read More

Did you know: You can have your first baby at home?

Lots of people (all of whom have never had a home birth or attended one) are very fond of telling the world that women are not “allowed” have their first baby at home. Has someone said this to… Read More

Information vs Advice: A Guide to Self Advocacy

From the moment you discover you are pregnant you are surrounded by a litany of ‘experts’ all encouraging you in different directions. Where will you give birth? Who will attend you? Are you going public or private? Seeing… Read More